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Uyghur History Course

We are having a third run of our Uyghur History Course to help bridge our understanding of Uyghur history.

Course Description

The course will briefly cover readings from early historical periods through to the present. This includes: early periods and 8th century, 9th-16th centuries, 16th-19th centuries, 19th-20th centuries, 1910s-40s, the Republic of China, the East Turkistan Republics, 1950s-80s, 1990s-2000s, and the current decade. 

These classes are designed to run as a series of seminars. There will be no regular lecturer in the class; it will be led by moderators. This class requires active attendance (asking questions and speaking in the sections) from each student during and after the class. Students must read the required texts every week to have an active discussion section. We invite the participants to engage critically with the readings. Each student will be required to write a short reflection every week regarding the readings - general thoughts, questions, concerns, or issues are all acceptable. We may also bring in guest lecturers for students to engage with.

Sign up for 2024 classes now! Applications close June 19th

Draft Syllabus


10 weeks from June 24th, 2023

Time Commitment

4-6 hours per week



Course Language

English (with optional Uyghur readings and guests)


Zoom, Online only


Free (donations appreciated)


Student Feedback, 2022 Cohort

"Before taking the course, I didn't expect it to be so exciting in many aspects. Every week we had a session, in which we discussed assigned readings, had student presentations, and sometimes, had a guest speaker. The discussions were fruitful and made things clearer, as I learned a lot from other person's thoughts. Student presentations helped me to summarize the readings, and from time to time, highlighted points I was missing. In addition, we had an excellent opportunity to have top Uyghur historians in our meetings, where students could ask questions and get answers directly from the readings' authors.


Apart from learning about Uyghur history from the early middle ages to the present time, I met a lot of like-minded people, who created a friendly atmosphere and made the learning process easy.


I would recommend this course to everyone interested in Uyghur history, even if you are not familiar with it at all. I also would like to thank Esedullah, Munawwar, Berna, and all students for this opportunity to study Uyghur history."

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