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Uyghur Anthology

Under the Mulberry Tree: The Contemporary Uyghur Anthology

The Contemporary Uyghur Anthology is a collection of Uyghur reflections in diaspora. Volume I is now available for purchase in all online stores where you can buy books!

We are excited to announce that we will be accepting submissions for our second volume, set to be published in 2025! Click below for more details.


bilingual book club

The Tarim Network is excited to start its bilingual book club! Each reading will have both English and Uyghur translations, and participants may choose one (or both!) to read and to discuss in both languages.


Our Canvas

An online exhibition dedicated to showcasing the brilliant art, music and literature produced by our own Tarim Network community.

Please let us know if you would like to contribute to this project by being featured or by developing a piece on a new artist.

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Blog & Forum

Explore our blog and forum for announcements, long form articles, literature from the community, opportunities specific to Uyghur youth, and more! 


History Course

[Online] [English]

A 10-week course briefly covering major time periods in Uyghur history. Classes are discussion-based and informed by weekly readings outlined in the syllabus. Applications open for 2024! Sign up before June 19th!


Uyghur Language Course

We are offering classes at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, as well as for Minkaohan students! Applications have closed for 2023, but please follow us for updates in the future.


Access to Internships (a2i) program

A program where we hope to train and connect promising youth to internship opportunities. At the moment our scope is in North America and Turkey, for the 2023 summer and fall periods.


Standard Uyghur Curriculum

Initially begun to create a comprehensive and standardised Uyghur language curriculum tailored for Uyghur children in the diaspora. However, due to changing demands from the community, we are restructuring our approach to providing language learning materials for the same audience! Please contact us if you would like to provide support.


More projects to support!

Check out the link below to see some amazing projects being carried out by other youth hubs in Turkey, Kazakhstan and the US.

Want to get featured?

The only way to grow our community is for you to introduce yourself or nominate others for us to feature! Click below and let's get to know each other.

In the Archives

Virtual Concerts

We hosted a number of virtual concerts during Covid lock-downs. Now available on our Youtube channel!

Tarim Seminars

A series of informative seminars by and for the community. Also available to watch on Youtube!

STEM Group

During lockdowns, a group of Uyghur STEM students formed a study group which met for monthly presentations on personal projects or Uyghur-related science, such as papers that studied Uyghur traditional medicine. Here we uploaded some of their presentations.

NEW LOGO 2017_transparent background.png

CESSI Partnership

A pilot collaboration with the Central Eurasian Studies Summer Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We vetted volunteers to work as conversation partners for their 8-week Uyghur language summer course.

Uyghur Exchange

One of our first initiatives; an online project that allowed people at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels practice their Uyghur language skills with each other and a moderator.

Image by Sergey Zolkin

Tarim Connect

A mini project borne from Covid lock-downs. We created five group chats of 15-20 people each so that Uyghur youth across the globe could connect

Zulfukar Ablikim
"I was driven by the need to create and build something for our community that I felt was missing. My goal is to empower every single young Uyghur to shine and feel a part of the Tarim Network family."
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