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Welcome to Tarim Talks hosted by Babur Ilchi, including 2 pilot episodes featuring Zulfukar Ablikim as host.

Tarim Talks covers conversations with exceptional Uyghurs; pioneers that have ventured into new environments and industries achieving great success. We explore themes of identity, upbringing, overcoming challenges, mentoring and the key to prosperity.


This podcast is released on a monthly basis and is available on all major podcast applications. Listen to the latest episodes below.

The Tarim Network is a registered charity based in London, United Kingdom.

We are a family of passionate individuals creating a platform to unite, inspire and advance the Uyghur youth community around the world. 


Our mission is to create a global Uyghur youth community that inspires and cultivates excellence while providing cultural and social enrichment for its members. 

UK Registered Charity number 1184295


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