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Youth Empowerment Program

Empowering Uyghur and Turkic youth to create impactful and sustainable community projects

After a successful pilot of the Youth Empowerment Program (YEP), we are now ready to implement the program on a larger scale! Please read through for more details, and check out the link below for interviews with our first cohort.


What is YEP?

The Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) aims to provide small grants to youth groups around the world, particularly in Turkiye and Central Asia where there may be less support. These grants will focus primarily on projects that allow youth to learn new skills, implement work that helps their communities, and create sustainable change. It is a 2-year program. At the end of the first year, hubs from different regions will gather for a Transnational Summit to pitch their ideas, then grant will be awarded to the successful teams. During the second year, awardees will need to implement their projects to present them at the next Transnational Summit. A new batch of youth groups will also be able to begin the process during the second year of the first cycle.

What does the process look like?

Phase 1:  Regional activities. Create your Hubs and prepare your project proposals

Phase 2: Transnational Summit. Attend the Transnational Summit and present your proposal to a panel of judges.

Phase 3: Implementation. Grant awardees will need to carry out their projects within the next year while reporting on costs and milestones.

Phase 4: Presentation. The Hubs will present their work in a Summit at the end of the year.

Regional Activities

Youth in their local regions will create their own groups, or Hubs, to start coming up with ideas on what sort of project they would like to propose. This will be facilitated through the Regional Manager, who will be the point-of-contact and will provide more information and support through community events and workshops. Aid will also be provided on the YEP Portal and through the previous cohort of YEP grant awardees if needed.


Meanwhile, fundraising activities should be carried out to fund travel for the team representatives who would like to attend the Summit, or to add to the pool of grant funding available. By this time, the Hubs should be polishing up their proposals and presentations. It is likely that only representatives from each group will be able to attend if the Summit is not local.

The YEP Portal

The YEP Portal is an online portal that Hubs can sign up to in order to gain access to resources and tips on project planning, management, grant writing, and much more. Hubs will also be able to reach out to previous cohorts of YEP based on required expertise. It will also be a platform for sharing YEP-related activities, successes, and tips to overcome obstacles. All application forms and such will be uploaded there.

Transnational Summit

The Hubs that have been chosen to attend the Summit will present their proposals to a panel of judges. There will also be workshops, discussions, and social activities over a period of 2-3 days. Grant awardees will be announced at the end of the event.


Grant awardees will need to implement their projects as outlined in their proposals, while keeping track of financial records and milestones.

Hubs that did not receive a grant can still be part of YEP, accessing the YEP Portal and other resources to raise funding for their projects if needed. Support, networking opportunities, and invitations to events will still be provided.

During this phase of the YEP cycle, the next cycle of YEP will have begun and will be preparing for their Summit. The first cohort of grant awardees and other successful Hubs will present the results of their work to the next cohort at their Summit, and receive feedback on how to continue their projects without YEP funding in the future.

How Can I Get Involved?

Become a Regional Manager: we need managers in each region to coordinate YEP in their communities! This is a paid position.

Become a Tarim Ambassador: if you want to help out with this project but don't have enough time to carry out managerial duties, you can volunteer as one of our ambassadors to help out in regional activities, organising events, and spreading the word.

Become a Sponsor: the Tarim Network is open to partnering with local organisations and businesses who would like to help out with funding, or with providing spaces and resources to their regional hubs. Please reach out to the Regional Manager or to our Program Director.

Apply to be part of YEP: if you're a youth who has a great idea for a project that will empower you and your community, get in touch with a Regional Manager! This program is for you! If you're still thinking about it, feel free to attend an event or workshop anyway.

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