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Uyghur Language Course: Minkaohan Class, 2024

We're starting our Uyghur classes for Minkaohan students again!

Have you ever felt that you missed out on learning Uyghur in your youth? Are you looking to develop your Uyghurche skills with your fellow Minkaohan peers?

📝All levels welcome: we will accommodate beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels. This class is intended for Minkaohans only, if you are not a Minkaohan, please do not register.

📝Classes will start on April 27th and will be held once a week for 4 months, 2 hours each time.

📝Classes are a SAFE space for all - we know how it is growing up as Minkaohans so we will make sure this space is safe for all of us.

Note: Minkaohan here refers to Uyghur students who attended Chinese-language schools

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