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Our Canvas: Talking to the Artist Camilla Dilshat, Part 2 - Comfort and Ritual

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

In Summer 2022, Camilla Dilshat collaborated with Our Canvas to produce 2 videos on her creative process as she prepared for an upcoming exhibition. This was a really fascinating project, and we hope you enjoy what we discovered.

This is the second Our Canvas video following Camilla Dilshat on her artistic journey, as she excavates the form her two pieces will take for this exhibition. While Part 1 focussed on the symbolism of her pieces, this video centres around the technical aspects of sculpture and design. Camilla Dilshat continues to explore how discomfort and comfort can tangle together through the symbolism of the shedding snake, which she weaves into her gourd sculptures. Once this particular journey into the unknown is complete, Camilla Dilshat shows us the pieces at the exhibition space.

Our Canvas has made these videos for our online resources to uplift young Uyghur artists starting out on their creative journeys, and celebrate the work produced by creators from the Tarim Network community. We really hope you enjoy this video, and get in touch if you want to share your own pieces and journeys on our platform.

At the end of this video, we announced that we were building an online gallery showcasing the brilliant art, music and literature produced by our own community, and have now opened submissions. We would love to share your work, and pieces in all kinds of mediums are welcome.

• Submit your work to our online gallery here:

• Explore Camilla Dilshat’s work further: and

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