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Our Canvas: Talking to the Artist Camilla Dilshat, Part 1 - A Notion of Home

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

In Summer 2022, Camilla Dilshat collaborated with Our Canvas to produce 2 videos on her creative process as she prepared for an upcoming exhibition. This was a really fascinating project, and we hope you enjoy what we discovered.

This is the first of two videos documenting Camilla Dilshat’s creative process. Our Canvas has made these videos for our online resources to uplift young Uyghur artists starting out on their creative journeys, and showcase the brilliant art, music and literature produced by our own community. We really hope you enjoy this video, and get in touch if you want to share your own pieces and journeys on our platform.

While preparing pieces to exhibit at an exhibition, Camilla Dilshat takes us through what gourds can reveal about shelter and comfort, and what we can face when we begin to feel safe. In this video, Camilla Dilshat demonstrates how giving voice to her intuition reveals the path forward in building her pieces. On Camilla Dilshat’s portfolio, her work is described as “a reaction to her diasporic experiences growing up as a British-born Uyghur. She addresses the visceral discomfort of disconnection to traditional culture and a physical homeland.”

Explore Camilla Dilshat’s work further: and

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