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Meshrep (Pt. 1) - An Introduction with Mukaddas Mijit

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

This is the first of a 3-part seminar series by our guest, Mukaddas Mijit, on Meshrep and its role in Uyghur cultural identity formation. In this talk, Mukaddas goes through the basics of what a Meshrep is and how it functions in Uyghur society, using examples from videos taken during her field research. The second half of the video is a recording of the Q&A session and discussion with the guests who attended the online seminar!

Speaker bio: Mukaddas Mijit is an ethnomusicologist, filmmaker, dancer and music manager with a PhD and research background in ethnomusicology, focusing on Uyghur dance and music.

Read more about her on her website:

Uyghur Meshrep Project:

Recommended readings:

‘A Weekly Meshrep to Tackle Religious Extremism’: Intangible cultural heritage in Xinjiang:

Negotiating locality, Islam, and national culture in a changing borderlands: The revival of the Mäshräp ritual among young Uighur men in the Ili valley:

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