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Longing for Home: Uyghur Muqam in Exile

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

The Tarim Network presents the first transcontinental Uyghur concert!

Featuring: Shohrat Tursun from Australia Meshrep Uyghur Ensemble (Uyghur European Ensemble) from the Netherlands SOAS Silk Road Collective from the UK

Hosted by: Mukaddas Mijit

Livestreamed on both Facebook and Youtube

All donations from the event will go to the European Uyghur Institute. You can support them directly on GoFundMe.

SOAS Silk Road Collective: 'This concert responds to the separation experienced by all Uyghurs in exile: separation from their homeland and their loved ones due to the repressive policies of the Chinese regime, and separation due to the international restrictions imposed by Covid-19.

In response to these crises, we bring together musicians from different continents in a shared virtual space to perform Uyghur muqam and classic folksongs. Our performance aims to raise awareness of the Uyghur crisis, and to raise funds to support the European Uyghur Institute.

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