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Intro to Drawing from Imagination

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

For the next Uyghur Anthology workshop, we've invited The ArtMind Live Art School Founder and Instructor Malik Turdush to give an introductory lesson!

All are welcome, particularly if you are an artist or have a love for art. We'll be focusing on realism, utilising light and colour, and depicting visions from the imagination.


Malik Turdush is an Uyghur Australian professional artist working in Digital and Oils.

He studied in the two prestigious schools below for 4 years:

-Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney, Australia

-Florence Classical Arts Academy in Florence, Italy

His work has been exhibited in Italy, Norway, and the USA.

Since returning to Sydney in 2018, he has freelanced for various clients and publications where his art is seen by the thousands.

Teaching art students from all over the world through his art school theArtMind, Malik focuses on drawing and painting from his imagination, and has developed a robust teaching method that combines art fundamentals training with individual creativity.

Contact Malik through his Instagram @orda.artmind @theartmindliveartschool or

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