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Hide and Seek: Touring the Jana Cekara Film Festival Exhibition

The purpose of the Jana Cekara film festival (2023) was to showcase films about East Turkistan. Set to be an in-person event in Almaty, it was forced to move online after pressure from officials. Nonetheless, festival organisers later hosted an exhibition centered around the same themes, with work from the filmmakers and other artists. We take a brief tour through the exhibition with Intizor Otaniyozova and the Algiz Film Production Company.

Participants in film:

-Ravkat Mukhtarov

-Murager Sharipkan

-Medina Bazargali

-Ramil Niyazov-Adyljan

-Intizor Otaniyozova

-Bota Sharipzhan

-Zarina Mukanova


-Manifesto, Sultan Kizlar collective

-Zhurgen Zhol, Murager Sharipkan

-Beit about the home, Nazugum Bakhtiyarova

-Ravkat, Daria Romas

-Without Future, Intizor Otaniyozova

-Sometimes, more the anything in this world, I would like to be someone else, Rashida Dilshat

-Chinese room, Yulduz Sadiq

-I fell in love with the cheap Uyghur pop music only after the death of my buvy, Ruqiya Farkhadova

-A chance to stay alive, Elaman Muqtarkhan

-Xinjiang cells, Tair Tabiev

Video credits:

Director: Intizor Otaniyozova

Producer: Kristina Mikhailova

Camera and sound: Nurtilew Aitbayev

Editor: Aruzhan Dossymkozha, Dana Sabitova

(c) Algiz film production company, 2023

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