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Book Review: Under the Mulberry Tree

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Short review of Under the Mulberry Tree

by Vanessa Frangville (Université libre de Bruxelles/EASt)

A dream diary, a poem about Uyghur bread (nan), stories inspired by folktales or old friends, buried memories induced by photographs, objects or the smell of home baking… This anthology will engage all your senses and immerse you into the intense and multifaceted diasporic Uyghur experience in the context of an ongoing oppression in the homeland.

The first volume of Under the mulberry provides poignant testimonies but also testifies to the creativity and vitality of the diasporic Uyghur community. The editors certainly did a wonderful job in weaving together a variety of moving texts and stunning visual artworks – from poems and short stories to photography, art installation, painting and sculpture.

A fascinating account and a must read. I can only look forward to the next volumes – and to possible translations of this captivating compilation into other languages!

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