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Xay: Singer, Songwriter, Producer

Xay (Shah Rahim Abdullah) is a singer, songwriter and producing artist signed with Sony/ATV Germany. He is also a member of the CTC FAM on YouTube.

In May of 2018, he released his most popular song “GAIJIN“ with TwoTee. His song went No. 1 on German virals on Spotify! The message of the song was that we as people should remember our background and our roots.

Xay came into early contact with art because of his mother, Halise Abdullah, who was a professional Uyghur folk dancer. He entered the stage when he was 12 years old, and after learning more of his own Uyghur roots, he started rapping and singing. He released Uyghur songs with his friends, gaining popularity in the Uyghur community under the name XADOW.

In 2016, with the help of his mentor Erpan, a member of SixCity, Xay improved his singing and producing skills and was able to perform and produce music with Erpan during this time.

Xay and his partner Sinan Saibou founded the CTC FAM in 2017, which includes TwoTee and @yangmablo. The group has performed as a supporting act for rap artists in Germany like MoTrip and @ali2as. They also went on tour in Germany with the American star MadeinTYO this year.

His latest released song is “UYGGEZ 100“, which was a collaboration with the Uyghur rapstar ATHREE ARSLAN.

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