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Uyghur Medicine in Diaspora

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

By Adil Emchi

Uyghur Medicine is an important component of Uyghur culture. It is the scientific summary of the Uyghur people’s consistent battle against diseases for many centuries. It has been preserved and developed by Uyghurs through many generations via student-successor method (ئۇستاز-شاگىرت). In the past 50 years various institutions were founded across East Turkistan and a systemic curriculum was developed. Due to the unfortunate events happening in East Turkistan, it is now in the hands of Uyghur Medicine experts to preserve and sustain Uyghur medicine. Recently, the Uyghur Medicine Research Foundation was founded in Istanbul, Turkey.

This talk and the following discussion focused on how Uyghur medicine is/was being studied both in the country and abroad, particularly in Turkey.

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