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The Limba: Singer, songwriter, composer

Mukhamed Akhmetzhanov is a singer, songwriter and composer in Kazakhstan working under the stage name, The Limba.

In high school, he wasn’t particularly interested in music except for a couple performances that he was in. At the age of 18, he started composing his own music while working as a bartender on the side.

Mukhamed’s fame came quite unexpectedly, when he heard his song in a taxi! It was his most popular single track "Obmanula (Deceived)" that had blown up on Russian charts, with more than a million views on Youtube! It also received a “Golden Sales" award from iTunes Russia & CIS. Legend has it that the music for this track was composed and recorded in only 15 minutes!

After his success, he signed onto a contract with local label “Soyuz" and wrote his first album within only a week!

The Limba is famous for his style of music, which is influenced by genres like reggaeton and funk. His songs are also known for their bright and lightening mood; a breath of fresh air in the music industry!

Mukhamed has mentioned that some of his inspiration comes from the Uyghur singer and composer Murat Nassyrov. The two artists have a song by the same name with a similar style of reggaeton.

The Limba has also had a feature in a song with Dilnaz Akhmadiyeva, another famous Uyghur singer! You can listen to it here

We look forward to hearing more of your music!

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