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Sumayyah: Soccer MVP & Design Star

Sumayyah is a talented, young soccer player.

In 2016 she won Most Valuable Player (MVP) and was runner up in 2017 while playing for the Girls Under 15’s Adelaide City soccer club. They came first place during their tournament in 2018! Sumayyah has played for multiple local tournaments and has placed first place on many occasions. She now plays for Modbury Vista Soccer Club.

One of her subjects at school included an art design competition for an Intercultural Football Program run by Port Power. Sumayyah designed a guernsey that she believed reflected her culture, as well as her school’s culture and community. She won the competition within her class and went on to represent her school during the Football Program, where she won best design out of all the schools that participated!

She also won a leadership award for leading her team to the finals! Read more about her guernsey here: Port Adelaide creates Power-branded hijabs for Muslim supporters

Congratulations Sumayyah and we hope you keep on shining!

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