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Ramil: Champion Street Athlete

Ramil is one of the most remarkable street athletes in Kazakhstan. He started his sporting career relatively late, and could only do two pull-ups in the beginning. Due to a foot injury in his early childhood, Ramil was not able to participate in even simple activities during middle school.

This changed when he saw some men working out on a street pull-up bar. From then on, he devoted himself to street-lifting. He was alone when he first began, but as he advanced his skills, he was able to work with the street-lifting community in his city starting in 2013.

Now, Ramil has already won multiple city and state competitions. His latest achievement is winning the bronze medal in the International Street-lifting and Workout championship in Kyiv, Ukraine, where he performed 22 flawless and consecutive muscle-ups. His performance in Kyiv, where he wore a doppa and competed with an Uyghur song in the background, can be seen here:

Here’s to your future success!

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