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Nariman: World Class Gymnast

Nariman is currently the most promising gymnast in Kazakhstan, his specialty being the pommel horse discipline.

He started gymnastics when he was 6 years old, with his first and main trainer being his father, Khusanjan Kurbanov.

By 2016, Nariman had taken the bronze medal in a state championship.

In 2017, he participated in his first large international competition, the World Championships in Montréal. Although he did not win a medal, an element that he performed was registered with the International Gymnastics Federation - FIG and named ”The Kurbanov”.Congratulations on this achievement!

Nariman took the gold medal in pommel horse in the 2018 Melbourne World Cup, his second international competition. He recently competed in the 2019 World Universiade competition in Italy, bringing home the silver medal!

Nariman’s current career goal is to qualify and win in the Summer Olympic. We wish you the best!

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