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Nargiz Magayeva: Artist and Creator

Nargiz Magayeva is the founder and creative director of Faenomen Studio (, and the conceptual designer and creator of the EMPATH art installation (@empath.human).

She has created over 300 projects, including events, image-building, and marketing campaigns for both global and local brands/companies. This includes luxury jewelry presentations, beauty products, and much more. Amazing! A project that is particularly special to Nargiz is the EMPATH installation, aimed at awakening empathy in society. The artwork was displayed at EXPO 2020 Dubai, and has garnered media attention in the Middle East. It was recognized by the London International Creative Competition (LICC) 2022, and selected for the Shortlist in Create (ART) category.

Nargiz will be launching a new project named UTIR soon, embodying architecture, design, and art. The purpose of UTIR is to design art clusters, curate, and to create concepts for museums and exhibitions. She is newly exploring curating to further develop her skills.

She has spent some time reflecting on her own identity as Uyghur, and continues to explore and reflect on the subject of identity through art and design. Nargiz encourages you to create your own path, as self-acquaintance is the most important acquaintance you can have in your life.

We look forward to seeing your future projects, Nargiz! Best of luck!

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