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Nailya Alimova

Nailya Alimova, a teenager herself, is the founder of an educational project, “Zhas Vision”, a volunteer initiative for the education of adolescents. Soon, she will be attending Simmons University in Boston to study economics and mathematics.

She participated in the 2022 Global Peace Chain Summit in Dubai, aimed to resolve political and economic conflicts through dialogue with world leaders. She attended as a representative for Uyghurs, and was joined by individuals from over 100 countries. Nailya was the youngest representative at just 16 years old, and promoted an inclusive economy at the summit, with a particular emphasis on the rights of women and ethnic minority groups. Recently, she was one of the interviewers on the selection board for the next summit.

Nailya has had a continuing interest in the accessibility of education, which prompted her to participate in the Asia Youth International Model United Nations Conference. She was the only chosen participant from Kazakhstan at the UNHCR consulate, where she discussed the fragility of women’s rights in Afghanistan under the Taliban’s rise to power. Together with her team members, she was able to succeed at the conference. Congrats!

Best of luck in university, Nailya!

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