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Kadiray Mamut-Musa: High School and Pre-Nursing

Kadiray is currently entering her senior year of highschool, and is simultaneously studying pre-nursing at a trade school.

She is hoping to attend Ohio State University to study nursing, with a minor in Russian and neuroscience. Afterwards, she would like to complete a graduate degree. At the trade school she attends, Kadiray has received three nursing certifications!

Additionally, she is part of a program called MFactor, or Mentor Factor, where she helps students entering high school transition into their new environment. Kadiray has been the New Student Committee Leader for two years, and aids students throughout the school year.

Two years ago, she started an internship at the Nationwide Children's Hospital, and has now become an official employee. Congrats!

Good luck in your last year of high school, Kadiray!

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