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Kabir: Entertain, Educate, Motivate

Kabir is currently completing his studies in molecular biology and biochemistry. Earlier this year he released D.D.O.D!, a song about “how simple day to day things may trigger your mind into suffocating itself with dark thoughts,” a comforting song that exemplifies Kabir’s dedication to making the world a brighter place. Listen to it wherever you get your music!

Over the past few years Kabir has contributed to helping many projects and causes. He is a youth advisor for the refugee and at risk youth in Vancouver through Muslim Food Bank and other community service endeavours. Kabir takes pride in completing personal projects such as performing stand-up comedy in places like Yuk Yuk's Vancouver, being part of organising and speaking at events such as demonstrations and photo exhibitions for the Uyghur community, organising film festivals like the HOPE Film Festival, being a motivational speaker, and writing music. He is currently writing a poetry book which we are looking forward to read!

His goal is to one day entertain, educate and motivate people on a large scale so watch out for him in the coming years!

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