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Itykin: Anonymous High Schooler

Congratulations to Itykin who received an honourable mention in the The New York Times Annual Student Podcast Contest! Titled “The Moonlit Talk: Lets Talk About the Uyghurs”, you can read more about the contest and find the link to the podcast here: New York Times

As a high schooler speaking about a sensitive issue, Itykin has chosen to remain anonymous under a pen name. She is writing a book titled "We Are Uyghur" which is planned to be finished in the near future. She is also in the process of working with her mentor, Irade, to continue her writing with organizations such as the Washington Post and Buzzfeed. She aims to pair her love of writing with Uyghur advocacy, showing others that it is possible to help the Uyghur people while protecting your family.

She has already helped in the process of sending 100 some letters to the US Congress in support of getting them to sponsor the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act. We look forward to seeing your future work!

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