Hello Subinur!

Introducing Subinur, an RTT Therapist from Texas!

1. What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about helping one person at a time to overcome his blockages and discover his life’s purpose as a hypnotherapist; it’s my life’s calling as much as it’s my passion to be the light and hope to someone else.

2. How have you spent the last year?

I graduated from college, got a job, bought a house, I read 56 books and attended multiple master classes and live seminars. I also started my own coaching business.

3. What two subjects do you love talking about?

The two subjects I passionately talk about is: how the human mind works & how you can transform your life through the power of understanding how powerful your brain is!

Would you like to plug anything?

-I am currently taking hypnotherapy clients via Skype. If you are interested in an RTT session, please contact me to book a discovery call free of charge! Email: subi@healingintelligences.com

The Tarim Network is a registered charity based in London, United Kingdom.

We are a family of passionate individuals creating a platform to unite, inspire and advance the Uyghur youth community around the world. 


Our mission is to create a global Uyghur youth community that inspires and cultivates excellence while providing cultural and social enrichment for its members. 

UK Registered Charity number 1184295

Email: info@thetarimnetwork.com

Instagram: @TheTarimNetwork

Facebook: The Tarim Network

LinkedIn: The Tarim Network

YouTube: The Tarim Network

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