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Hello Leyla!

Introducing Leyla, 22, from Turkey! She is a new volunteer with Tarim and an English Language/Literature student and assistant English teacher with the València language club in Spain.

1. What are you passionate about?

I would have to say literature. It has been one of my favorite things since the day I found out about its miraculous aspect that enables one to read another’s soul aesthetically. And I am so blessed to study in this field.

2. What inspires you the most?

Definitely children. Their dazzling yet super effortless answers have always been inspirational for me. I wish we, grown-ups, can keep the unfiltered reactions we had in our childhoods.

3. What are your short term goals?

Widen my perspective to be able to catch different moments of beauty and be more tolerant towards all the struggles I've been involved in. And of course, improve myself to achieve academic success.

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