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Hello Lenard!

Introducing Lenard Sciancalepore, a student at The University of Adelaide, board member of Multicultural Communities Council of SA, and friend of the local Uyghur community!

1. How have you spent the last year?

Volunteering and travelling to Nepal, Tibet and India. I've just landed a new job as a Partner Relationship and Marketing Coordinator, I've been mostly occupied with the Presidency of the Adelaide University Rotaract Club too!

2. What is an important lesson you have learned recently?

Delegating tasks is sooooo important! Team work, communication and a positive culture in any business or community group is essential for a high performing team.

3. What are your short term goals?

To support the Uyghur community in Adelaide, continue developing the Adelaide University Rotaract Club, focus on my professional career and my university studies.

Would you like to plug anything?

-Join Rotaract! A global network of young professionals and leaders giving back to their communities through service and projects.

Adelaide is a thriving city with a rich diversity of cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious backgrounds. The Adelaide University Rotaract Club aim to celebrate unity in diversity with Cultural Night 2019; a colourful celebration of multiculturalism featuring performances, food, language, customs and music.

This festival will be doubling as a fundraiser in which all profits raised will be donated to two charities: Welcoming Australia and Aussieghana Relief

There will be prizes for best dressed, so come along in your finest, traditional clothing, immerse yourself and enrich your senses in Cultural Night 2019!

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