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Hello Efran!

Introducing Efran, 22, a Medicine student at Demiroğlu Bilim University and Sociology student at İstanbul University!

1. What are you passionate about? My passions are dance, art and books. I also have a special interest in medicine and sociology. Not only that, I love science a lot. I try to do everything I do with passion and love.

2. What inspires you the most? Atatürk has a saying: A nation without art means that one of its veins is broken. My biggest inspiration is art. When I am left without art, I feel like a leaf blown in the wind.

3. What are your short-term goals? In fact, my biggest goals right now are to finish my schooling well, to learn a few languages ​​and to ensure the recognition of the Uyghur nation. Besides, I want to be a professional dancer. I want to play an instrument. I want to develop my hobbies.

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