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Hello Dilnaz!

Updated: Jan 6

Introducing Dilnaz, 19, a Mathematics student at Queen Mary University based in the UK!

1. How would you describe the city you live in? It’s alive here. I'm having lots of fun since I came here, got introduced to many people from different ethnic groups and learned a lot about them. We have more freedom of space, speech, etc here.

2. How have you spent the last year? I am studying from home, so I have spent 80% of my year at home. I almost forgot how it is like to be outside . Basically my life is getting boring. How’s yours?

3. What are your short-term goals? My short term goals are to teach myself to be more focused on my work, try to be outside more often . What about you? What are your short term goals?

-Would you like to plug anything? I am working with Burst the Bubble on a campaign we started together called #findmyfamily. Also, I am working with the UK Uyghur Community.

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