Guzel: Drawing the Faces of Central Asia

Guzel is a talented artist with her own distinctive style.

She grew up on the Kazakhstan steppes while absorbing the culture of Central Asia in all its variety and has been delivering its beauty through her works for the last several years.

Her recent exhibition "Faces of Central Asia" took place in Almaty, Kazakhstan. These pieces included mainly portrait graphics, depicting people all around Central Asia. These works are part of a larger collection called the "1001 Faces of Xinjiang" (#1001fox). The choice of painting tools (paper and black marker pen) was chosen due to her constant travelling. Guzel’s goal as an artist is to familiarize her audience with an authentic representation of the East— traditional and much different to modern civilizations. Even though she chooses to use simple tools, Guzel is still remarkably skilled in other techniques (watercolor, oil paint, etc.), and has been duly appreciated by art admirers and painting experts.

Guzel Zakir’s works have been exhibited in many cities, including Moscow, Istanbul and Urumqi.

Her next exhibition, “Oriental Beauties" will take place in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan from August 20-24.

Guzel's paintings are the main source of inspiration for the ethnic brand "Tillaqash" (now renamed Guzel Zakir Art): They imprint her pieces on t-shirts, smartphone cases, etc.

We wish you the best at your exhibition, Guzel!

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