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Elxat Tayir: Body Builder

Elxat Tayir is a bus driver by day and a budding body building competitor by night!

He started training upon moving to Europe ten years ago, after being surrounded by those involved in the bodybuilding community. In the past few years, he changed his diet, and seeing the changes in his build, decided to pursue bodybuilding competitions.

Elxat entered his first competition in 2020, Norway Master, and came in 5th place. He recently competed in another competition, finishing in 4th place. In September 2022, he was able to place 5th in the Norwegian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation competitions. Congrats!

Moving forward, his goal is to train harder and compete in international contests. His development is made easier by having a support system, so Elxat would also like to become a mentor for younger generations wanting to follow a similar path.

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