Dilyar: Multi-disciplined Digital Marketing Entrepreneur

Updated: May 21, 2020

Dilyar is a multi-disciplined Digital Marketing Entrepreneur based in Toronto, Canada.

He previously worked as a Senior Sales Executive at a SaaS company, but took a step back to focus more on various Uyghur initiatives. Dilyar was able to succeed in the corporate world by consistently striving to exceed expectations and staying true to his core values.

A project that he has recently been working on is the MeshrepChallenge.com film (#01), involving 50+ Uyghurs around the world. The initiative is meant to showcase the power of unity among the Uyghur youth, as well as their intelligence, talent and rich culture. Dilyar is producing, editing, publishing, as well as acting in the film. You can watch it here: meshrepchallenge.com

Dilyar is also the creator of Boytaq.com, a free & confidential matchmaking service for Uyghur people around the world. In addition, he is also in the process of launching Wegurs.com, an all-inclusive iOS & Android app to connect the world to the Uyghurs' evolution. You can also find Dilyar DJing and MCing at Uyghur weddings!

His future goals involve succeeding as an Entrepreneur and in doing so, achieving $250,000 in annual profit within the next 10 years. Dilyar believes that money is a powerful influence in society, and that it can be used to empower oneself and what you believe in. His advice to youth is to invest in oneself beyond the classroom, to always make genuine connections and to proactively challenge oneself to improve in a holistic way.

You can reach Dilyar on Instagram, Facebook, and through his email (hello@dilyar.ca).

We look forward to seeing the Meshrep Challenge film, and good luck in your endeavours!

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