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Dilyar Barat: Astrophysicist Turned Entrepreneur

Dilyar Barat is currently working as a product analyst at CashRewards, an Australian company partnering with retailers and providing cashback to customers.

He completed his PhD in astrophysics at the Australian National University, Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics. His thesis focused on the motion of stars and gas in nearby galaxies (nearby meaning less than one billion light years!). Dilyar was able to use their motion to estimate the mass of the galaxies, and deduce the amount of dark matter that was present. Amazing! If you are interested, you can read his papers here.

After completing his PhD, he co-founded a start-up named Rosella Street, a rental marketplace for communities to share their homes. Working here for some time, Dilyar decided to exit the company and join the team at CashRewards. As a product analyst, he learns how users interact with particular products to make them more intuitive. He pursued this field as it has allowed him to learn the process of creating a great product by using data. In the near future, Dilyar aims to start his own “software as a service” business for animal rescue organizations; he is currently working on this in his free time!

Additionally, Dilyar is the secretary for the Uyghur Academy Australia, working to expand the organization, recruit more members, and provide value to the community with education and outreach.

Congratulations on your achievements, Dilyar!

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