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Bahrulla: PhD candidate in Civil Engineering

Bahrulla is a PhD candidate and GRA with a full graduate fellowship at Texas A&M University, where he conducts research on complex network theory and infrastructure resilience. He recently went to the International Conference on Computing in Civil Engineering (I3CE 2019) at Georgia Tech after winning a travel grant from TAMU, where he presented some of his research; a presentation of his paper titled “Characterization of the Vulnerability of Road Networks to Fluvial Flooding Using Network Percolation Approach” and a poster titled “Vulnerability Analysis of Coupled Emergency Service and Transportation Network using Network Percolation: Case Study of Houston during Hurricane Harvey”.

You can read more about his paper here: and poster here:

Bahrulla was also awarded the Zachry Department of Civil Engineering Excellence Fellowship in June 2019 for his excellent grades, and is often attending conferences, workshops, and research congresses to further facilitate his research and studies. He also has three academic papers under his name and tutors undergraduate and graduate students in his spare time. We look forward to seeing your future research!

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