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Ahmedjan Kasim: Law Student and Published Author

Ahmedjan Kasim is currently a law student at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, and will be entering his last year this fall. He plans to concentrate on Dutch Constitutional Law.

He recently published a book about Uyghurs, named “De Oeigoerse Droom: mijn strijd tegen Chinese onderdrukking”. Congrats! This translates to “The Uyghur Dream: my fight against Chinese oppression”.

The University College Utretcht invited Ahmedjan as a guest speaker, together with Arendjan Boekestijn and Fred Sengers, to speak about China and the human rights of Uyghurs.

Additionally, he was the campaign leader of the VVD during the last municipal election in March 2022, a Dutch liberal-conservative party in the Netherlands. He was not elected, however he was sixth on the list.

Ahmedjan attributes his success to being consistent with his goals, attending guest lectures, following the news, and prioritizing his mental health. He hopes to become more involved with the Uyghur youth to discuss geopolitics and steps that can be taken to improve our situation.

Good luck in your last year, Ahmedjan!

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