Abdussamed: Promotion of Education

Abdussamed (Arslan Osmanoğlu on social media) is currently the President of the IZU International Students Club in Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University. By the end of the 2019 spring term, the International Students Club received the Most Successful Club award at İZU due to his efforts.

Abdussamed arranged the International Students Fest in order to cultivate interaction between different cultures; one of the reasons the club received an award. He has taken initiative in raising awareness about Uyghur history, and uniting Uyghur youth.

He also gives great importance to education: he works with non-governmental organizations such as İNSAMER, and prepares seminars that promote the concerns of Uyghurs.

We thank him for his contributions to the intellectual development of the Uyghur youth. You can follow Abdussamed’s work on his instagram, @arslan_osmanoglu

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