The Tarim Network is a registered charity based in London, United Kingdom.

We are a family of passionate individuals creating a platform to unite, inspire and advance the Uyghur youth community around the world. 


Our mission is to create a global Uyghur youth community that inspires and cultivates excellence while providing cultural and social enrichment for its members. 

UK Registered Charity number 1184295


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We are continually improving, developing and expanding our projects to better achieve our mission. There are many ways to be part of the Tarim Network from donating, volunteering and engaging in our projects.

See below for our current volunteering opportunities.

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The Tarim Network is an entirely volunteer-based project. Any donation is sincerely appreciated and put to good use operating our current projects and creating bigger and better projects in the future!


We have many ongoing projects and initiatives for the future and require driven people to help make it a possibility. If you're motivated and a 'do-er' then join the growing Tarim Team and help make your community greater.  Click below to fill out our form and we will be in touch.


The Tarim Network is only possible with contributions from you - the Network - so contribute! You may submit success stories to our Tarim Stars, Introduce yourself to the community through Hello Tarim, suggest people you would like interviewed in our Podcast: Tarim Talks, submit your work to be featured in the upcoming Tarim Talent or use the form below to submit suggestions, comments and questions!





The Tarim Network website is the central hub consolidating all information and activities. It is a key platform for those who would like to learn more, join, or interact with the community in a way that is not available on third-party applications


Create and maintain a website that is smooth, navigable and informative. The website is to be updated and maintained regularly with all key information on the Tarim Network and its current projects.


Web designer – design content or pages for the website when required

Maintenance – upgrade website with the latest tools, check for broken links, respond to error messages, collect data, maintain secure security and oversee domain

Update – upload content to stay up-to-date with social media channels or changes to the Tarim Network




Tarim Talks is a monthly podcast interviewing with prominent and up-and-coming Uyghurs of interest, uncovering their life stories, journeys to success and the challenges they have faced along the way. The podcast will be uploaded and hosted on Anchor.FM, the Tarim Network website and all major podcast streaming platforms.



Researcher – find a pool of guests to interview and research prep for the host

Editor – improve sound quality, filter for relevant content and save

Coordinator – Send to guest for final sign-off, prepare audio file and coordinate with social media team for distribution

Tarim Talks Podcast aims to reveal the stories and journeys of prominent and up-and-coming Uyghurs to inspire and further connect the young Uyghur community. There is a focus on uncovering practical tools to build on character, career and knowledge.




Uyghur exchange is semi-guided interactive speaking sessions focusing on a particular chosen topic. Uyghur speakers of all proficiency levels are welcome to learn and improve their language skills and connect with fellow Uyghurs along the way. Classes will be limited in size to promote interaction and tailored by geography and proficiency level.  


Development of spoken Uyghur vocabulary and fluency through semi-guided interactive speaking sessions in a relaxed environment. 


Researcher – create a pool of interesting topics to speak about

Admin & Outreach – compile information from sign-up form, contact potential participants, allocate of class

Moderator – coordinate date, read research prep and lead the session

Analyst – at the end of each session, provide short feedback forms to rate session and improve content, research better ways to offer classes or achieve the objectives of this project