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The Tarim Network is a registered charity based in London, United Kingdom (Charity No. 1184295). We are a family of passionate individuals creating a platform to unite, inspire and advance the Uyghur youth community around the world.  Our mission is to create a global Uyghur youth community that inspires and cultivates excellence while providing cultural and social enrichment for its members. 


Through an interactive social media community and targeted youth events

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By recognising young Uyghur achievements and interviewing successful Uyghurs in our podcast

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Through online classes and seminars targeting needs in the youth community


munawwar abdulla

Munawwar Abdulla


A lab manager and techinician at Harvard University with a passion for literature, translation, and activism. Uyghurlar munewwer bolsun dep isim qoyuptiken.


Noor aydin

Nur Aydin

Founding team

Book loving psychologist with constant wanderlust. Living in Europe, heart in Kashgar. 

Founding Team

zulfukar ablikim

Zulfukar Ablikim



A British Uyghur based in London cursed with ambition. Currently working in the financial industry with the intention of an entrepreneurial venture in the near future. Love the wild, exploration and memes.

archi wallace griffin

Archi Wallace Griffin

Founding team

Founding Team

A London entrepreneur with businesses focused on the waterways of inner cities. A strong passion for history, international politics and social change.


On an ordinary day in early 2018, our co-founders found themselves discussing a music project for Uyghurs – a potential way to spread awareness about our people. It was clear from the get-go that they shared an interest in developing an understanding of Uyghur culture and identity while helping Uyghur youth.


They also shared the experience of living away from their homeland – one in Great Britain, with a tiny Uyghur community, and the other in Australia, with one of the biggest populations of Uyghurs in the West.

After many conversations spanning days, nights and blurred time zones, a more ambitious task was set: a global Uyghur youth community that was rooted in cultural values yet incorporated the advances of modern society.


A platform that encouraged us to be better connected across geographies and promoted a deeper understanding of Uyghur language, religion, history and all the different components that define a culture. 

With the recruitment of a team to help build it and with the advice, support and encouragement of friends and family, the Tarim Network became the implementation of that idea, and we believe everyone has a place and a role within it.


"I'm passionate about this project because after speaking to Uyghur youth around the world I've found that it's something many of us want to create - so lets build it together. I want Tarim Network to become an oasis for Uyghurs and a centre of social, cultural, and intellectual trade for all who come across it." 

Munawwar Abdulla

"I was driven by the need to create and build something for our community that I felt was missing. My goal is to empower every single young Uyghur to shine and feel a part of the Tarim Network family."

Zulfukar Ablikim

"I have been working on the Tarim Network to give a platform for the younger generation of diaspora Uyghurs all over the world with little access or those with an interest in their cultural and people - all of the things I wish I had when I was growing up."

Nur Aydin

"I see the Tarim Network as a great platform to grow individuals and add value to everyone in the community. I felt a need to take part so I could offer a diverse perspective and help guide the Tarim Network to be a holistic and outward looking organisation."

Archi Wallace Griffin


babur ilchi

Babur Ilchi

berna ilchi

Berna Ilchi

zib aadil

Zibaa Adil

adila yarmuhammad

Adila Yarmuhammad

tarim assimov

Tarim Assimov

kawsar wayit

Kawsar Wayit

irade kasgray

Irade Kashgary

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Sarvenaz Nurali

akmoor mazhitova

Akmoor Mazhitova

subi imam

Subi Imam


ajinur setiwaldi

Ajinur Setiwaldi

mirshad ghalip

Mirshad Ghalip

zulmira magmetova

Zulmira Magametova

perisa safi

Perisa Safi



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kawsar omer

Kawsar Omar

allison spindler

Allison Spindler

gulhayat mirzahmet

Gulhayat Mirzahmet

zenia kazmi

Zenia Kazmi